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The Future of Interactive Out-of-Home Advertising is Here
[5 June 2008] EyeClick™, a global leader in providing interactive, out-of-home advertising technology, announced today the release of its latest product suite, EyeClick 3.0. The third generation release supports the company’s interactive floor, wall, window, and table products, which display dynamic multimedia content such as video, animation, and sound that interact with users.
EyeClick products are used at special sales promotion events and in leading retail environments. Ariel Almos, EyeClick Founder and CEO, highlighted the new product’s features, “Our new product version truly makes it stand out in a league of its own with accurate, responsive, and multi-user interaction capabilities. Our new usage statistics module, EyeControl™, adds a much-needed ROI measurement dimension to our products, which advertisers long for.”
Some of the world’s largest companies are on EyeClick’s impressive client roster, which includes names such as The Coca-Cola Company, Nokia, BMW, Sony, HP, and Unilever. EyeClick is represented by over 25 distributors and resellers around the world, who work with brand managers and event organizers to bring the best out of their brands while providing an engaging customer experience which stands out in today’s crowded advertising landscape.

About EyeClick Ltd.
EyeClick Ltd. is a world leader in providing interactive, out-of-home advertising technology. The company’s products include interactive floors, windows, walls, and tables, allowing brand managers and event organizers to get the most out of their advertising dollars.
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