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EyeTouch Product Highlights

24-7 Interactive Display  

Unique detection capability invites users to interact
Various display sizes and shapes 
Feature your content and graphics in an innovative way  
Ultimate flexibility in creating content, applications and effects
Proven ROI - real-time usage reports and statistics for valuable business data (EyeControl)


Interactive Windows

EyeTouch transforms any glass, window of LCD display into a touch activated surface.

This interactive windows display significantly increases store traffic and brand awareness. This exciting solution extends an innovative and fun invitation by stimulating users' curiosity and encouraging them to interact with the display. The EyeTouch interactive window ensures that your brand and products get noticed while delivering your marketing message effectively. Proven to increase consumer traffic and positively affect sales.

"The interactive windows are very innovative and impressive and can be used 24/7; they increased shop traffic and decreased end-user technical questions about the product" K.H., Major consumer electronics brand, Germany

"There was a 50%+ increase in sales" M.K., Major consumer electronics brand, Slovakia

EyeTouch interactive window helps you to:

  • Increase shop traffic
  • Expose your products to the public 24/7
  • Attract potential clients into your store
  • Generate data reports and measure the exposure of your message to target audience

EyeTouch interactive windows provide:

  • Detection of passersby in the vicinity of the display - call for action
  • Superior touch technology
  • Modular setup, different sizes and customization options
  • Easy integration with printed graphics
  • Alluring designs

EyeClick's first-class professional team can tailor EyeTouch to create that special effect or unique idea you have in mind.

EyeTouch software solutions deliver your message 24/7, long after working hours. EyeClick empowers its users with the tools to change, alter, and unlimitedly edit content. Our clients are totally independent, in control and have exactly what they need to completely produce and achieve their vision, which is one of our great advantages. 

With EyeClick's newest technology, foil is no longer required to sense an individual's touch allowing for a wide range of options and advantages. EyeTouch now integrates with any glass surface regardless of type or treatment. There are no size limitations and any display format can be used including a projector, LCD, LED, or plasma screen.

You will be amazed how simple it is to design and create interactive windows, storefront displays, digital signage, and more! 

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EyeTouch systems in action - case studies:

Samsung European HQ used EyeTouch to launch Omnia devices
Volvo uses EyeTouch for worldwide exhibitions
EyeTouch wows people at the GE Imagination Center, Beijing Olympics
The Beatles Story Visitor Attraction educates using EyeTouch
Tower of David Museum uses EyeTouch at summer exhibit

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